9 imc message strategy

It allows marketers to incorporate location-sensitive and even activity-specific information into marketing communications and offers. The selection of channels is part of creating a strong IMC strategy. Personal selling also minimizes wasted effort.

The goal of affective message is to improve the understanding of advertising, remember of the appeal and the attractively of the product. Shareable: Because digital marketing tools are digital, it is easy to share them at low or no cost—a benefit for marketers and for consumers who find content they want to share virally.

Another important ingredient to powerful IMC campaigns is, of course, to choose the best combination of messaging channels.

Consumer behavior situation: Personal selling should be adopted by a company when purchases are valuable but infrequent, or when competition is at such a level that consumers require persuasion and follow-up.

brand messaging strategy

Consumer sales promotions can generate loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand, product, or service. Another risk with too-frequent promotions is that savvy customers will hold off purchasing until the next promotion, thus depressing sales.

Experienced salespeople sometimes realize that the only way their income can outpace their cost-of-living increase is to change jobs.

Today, direct marketing overlaps heavily with digital marketing, as marketers rely on email and, increasingly, mobile communications to reach and interact with consumers. Heavy reliance on data also leads to the challenge of keeping databases and contact information up to date and complete, a perennial problem for many organizations.

Highly measurable and data driven. Because the supply of Internet content on any given topic is continually expanding, and because search-engine companies regularly fine-tune their search algorithms to deliver ever more helpful results, SEO is not a one-time task.

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Integrated Marketing Communication