A case study into the benefits of management training programs

As a result, the organization does not need a full time compensation manager.

Importance of management training

As part of the retention strategy, strategic planning focus groups were conducted by JorgensenHR and the HR staff in all sections of the IT Department. Once developed and reviewed by management, the secretaries and word processors verified that the descriptions were accurate. We were able to identify objective criteria to rate against market salaries. Our consultant trained a valued administrative assistant to be a functional human resource administrator, implemented a short term and long term management incentive plan that assisted the client with retaining its most valuable employees and developed a compensation plan that established marketable wage rates, thus allowing the client to set competitive wages, reducing their turnover and enabling them to hire the qualified candidates needed to operate their business efficiently, eliminating their tremendous overtime costs. Since the original assignment fourteen years ago, JorgensenHR has continued to provide consulting services to the bank, developing annual plan updates and advising on Affirmative Action matters. This program was operated by occupational health nurses, who have traditionally worked in this field. A JorgensenHR consultant met with members of management from each of the companies and gathered information to conduct the analysis.

The Solution: JorgensenHR was retained to conduct the analysis of the employment past practices, written policies, employee handbooks and benefit packages offered to each of the four companies.

Our consultant acts as a member of their management team. Not all of this information was available in a written documented source. Encourage case managers to see the broad issues involved in return to work.

case study on training and development with questions

A twenty-two-page comprehensive spreadsheet analysis was prepared for the client, outlining every benefit, policy and cost of each program. Products and Services. They employ approximately employees in total.

JorgensenHR surveyed numerous companies going through similar conversions and researched written publications to get excellent documentation on retention ideas and success stories in other similarly situated companies.

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Most of the work was computerized and many of the secretaries did not have a strong grasp of the more complicated technical maneuvering. The consultant documented the responses from the female and male employees, which verified the professional environment.

The consultant found that the firm was very proactive in training and providing a professional business environment.

Benefits of leadership training for employees

The attorneys dropped the case, and it came to a satisfactory solution on the spot. She had accused the management of the firm, including the Human Resources Director, of harassment and retaliation. The consultant met with the lawyer, firm, and Human Resources Director to outline the parameters of the investigation. This is the programs target population. The company wanted to unify their employee benefits, handbooks and policies under one entity. Case management approaches have evolved over time, with a focus on work adjustment in the 70s, modified work in the 80s and work rehabilitation in the 90s. A former employee had accused the firm of Sexual Harassment. Other staff, also without medical training, often fill this role. New attorneys entering the firm had strong computer skills and were impatient with the lack of technological knowledge of many of the secretaries. This study found that organizations that implemented disability case management and absence management programs had an average sick leave rate of 1. This particular program was very critical to the future growth and success of the organization. We designed a company-wide compensation system and now update that system periodically.

The secretaries were receiving salaries above the marketplace for their skill set.

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Training and Development Case Studies