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Her formidable intellect prompts her to adopt an ironic position towards everything — including herself. That really would be an embarrassing thing to admit.

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It was only when I remembered the night before that I knew what it was. Rooney uses the third person, closely aligned in each section with either Connell or Marianne, porous to one set of emotions. Her hyperarticulate characters may fail to communicate their fragile selves, but Rooney does it for them in a voice distinctively her own. The day itself, she recalls, was a heady mixture of celebration, exhaustion, disbelief and relief, but it quickly yielded to a different perspective. He has been hospitalized for depression; Melissa handles him with an infantilizing mixture of indulgence and contempt that disgusts Frances. Yet her affair with Nick is an expression of exquisite, compulsive selfishness; never before has she had so little control over herself and so much over another person, a disturbing truth that she does her best to ignore. This is perverse psychological territory, with a woman who is already having an affair with a man simultaneously behaving as his online stalker and grooming herself to respond to him.

I was cold like a fish. I told him I was easily seduced by people who laughed at my jokes and he said he was easily seduced by people who were smarter than he was. Why did we do any of that?

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Frances, excluded and hurt, finds herself thrown together with Nick, the other neglected partner in this odd four-person dance. For someone like Rooney, born inthe notion of conversation includes instant messaging, emails and texts. Rooney, twenty-six, is a writer of rare confidence, with a lucid, exacting style.

I knew that Rooney, along with many Irish writers, had been vocal in her support for the Yes campaign, and I ask her what the experience felt like.

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How to Win Friends and Influence People: The Best Summary