An introduction to the history of buddhists

Additionally, the influence of Buddhism also waned due to Hinduism's revival movements such as Advaitaand the rise of the bhakti movement. Meditation The primary means of realizing enlightenment in the Theravada tradition is through Vipassana or "insight" meditation.

It is not simply a surface level overview but has some great analysis of key Buddhist concepts and philosophical arguments. Literature Theravada accepts only the Pali Tipitika as scripture. Some schools of Mahayana also emphasize meditation, but other schools of Mahayana do not meditate.

Menander's coins bear designs of the eight-spoked dharma wheela classic Buddhist symbol. Buddhism was present in this region from about the second-century BCE. The movement can be traced back to groups of wandering yogis called mahasiddhas. The Uyghurs conquered the area in the 8th century and blended with the local Iranian peoples, absorbing the Buddhist culture of the region.

Under the Hephthalites, Gandharan Buddhism continued to thrive in cities like Balkh Bactriaas remarked by Xuanzang who visited the region in the 7th century. Dhammarakkhita meaning: Protected by the Dharmawas one of the missionaries sent by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka to proselytize the Buddhist faith.

buddhism history
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Introduction to Buddhism (article)