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But even with all the education available, STDs continue to kill people year after year.

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Try your hand at love poems. My goal is that as you browse through the ideas here, some of them will trigger a story, event or emotion you might not have thought about for a while, but one that is definitely slam-worthy.

Something funny.

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Getting older. Poetry is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle; a lifestyle that can become your entire life.

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What's your opinion? Tip 8 Subvert the Ordinary. Ever harassed or discriminated against someone because of their gender? Open up a newspaper or news website, and create inspired by the first news article you find. Maybe you found out your wife or girlfriend was pregnant and you were about to be deployed overseas or you're the woman in that scenario.

Things that scare you.

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Spread the Love. Talk to the people - let spoken word be your megaphone! Do you think people are ugly on the inside? How did you handle it? Describing the smile shows the reader something about happiness, rather than simply coming right out and naming the emotion. Examples: Pre-historic days, Egyptians, Art Galleries, etc. Ever have someone speak to you in a way that you really don't appreciate, but you couldn't say anything at the time? This could be literally anything. I plan to take another of your e-mail class, either the 8-week descriptive or the new poetry class. This method is also good for writing about a thing. Maybe use your poem to say you're sorry or make amends or talk about how you've changed.
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Poetry Prompts & Creative Ideas for Writing Poems