Cause and effect writing activities 3rd grade

The adjustment to the whole group lesson is a modification to differentiate for children who are English learners.

Explain that when something happens that makes something else happen as a result, that is called the cause. For example, if the picture was of spilled milk, the effect is the milk spilled.

Cause and effect writing activities 3rd grade

Inform students that there are clue words that authors can use to show cause and effect relationships. For example, if the picture is of a sunny beach, the cause is the hot sun. Students can use the word and this poster to help remember and recall it easily. Discuss real-life examples. Beginning: Invite students to work in a small, teacher-led group. Make an anchor chart. A Bad Case of Stripes — Use A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon and have students create a craftivity to connect the cause of students and her surroundings to the effect of her changing skin patterns and colors. The cards just have to be big enough that the kids can draw or write on them.

Next, drop your bag on your desk and act like you are out of breath. Show concrete examples. Guided Practice Distribute a copy of the Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer to each student and share that they will add information to it periodically during a read aloud.

cause and effect matching game

Allow each group to share out their cause and effect sentences with the rest of the class. Maybe, If an elephant jumped into a tiny pool, what would happen?

Gather a few items to use as cause-and-effect examples ahead of time. Older students may also be able to see the symbolism cause and effect or caring about what others think and the effect it can have on someone.

Cause and effect activities middle school

Next, the pairs work together to come up with four different cause-and-effect events to record on their cards. Independent working time 10 minutes Ask students to go back to their seats and pass out the Cause and Effect worksheet to each student. How do I sound? Beginning: Give students a copy of the text to access. Visit her TpT store or blog. Similar to the above cause-and-effect lesson plan, but instead of unfolding the paper, just leave it folded like a greeting card. Explain to the students that every day, things happen that lead to other things happening. Cause-and-Effect Card Game On index cards, make a list of 20 effects. Make an anchor chart. Once the flip book is created, kids draw four causes on the front and then lift each flap and draw four effects underneath. Great for additional practice or for a pre-assessment. Encourage them to refer to their reading logs or journals to use their observations to support their answers. Use this handout to help them and then have them practice by making up their own cause-and-effect sentences or by doing a version of the sentence-strips activity outlined above. Then, as a class or in small groups, work together to come up with a simple hypothesis, using the words highlighted above. Maybe, If an elephant jumped into a tiny pool, what would happen?

Beginning: Have students draw additional cause and effect relationships. The causes might be a cat bumped into it, a baby tried to drink from it, it was too close to the edge of the table, a mom poured too much by mistake, kids were playing ball in the house, and the ball hit it, etc.

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12 Easy Cause and Effect Activities and Worksheets