College athletes shouldn get paid essay

College athletes should not be paid essay hook

The law that prevents college athletes from receiving money is called Title IX. College athletes should be paid because they spend more time doing that than anything else. In conclusion, student athletes shouldn't be paid because they already get a scholarship and receive more assistance than the average college student, and will we have to pay the other sports teams. However, they do not receive a compensation for their hard work. Would you pay the back up soccer goalie the same as the starting quarterback? That's just silly. When being paid, athletes would chose the college who has the most money to offer them. Not everyone makes it to the pros, and getting a college degree is a great plan to fall back on. Eventually, they would transfer the next year due to a higher offer which would be a big financial step for those schools. College athletes clearly earn enough benefits from the schooling and travel, to pay them anymore would be unfair and absurd.

How many universities would take students with borderline test scores if they had no athletic abilities? If this happens in the professional league what do you think would happen in college. As of right now, these athletes are not getting paid, but many of them truly believe that they should.

Should college athletes be paid

Exposure is a big thing in sports but some also agree it should be saved for the professional level like the NFL or the NBA. This issue comes up multiple times every year. Not everyone makes it to the pros, and getting a college degree is a great plan to fall back on. Before signing an athlete from a university, they should look more into their GPA and not their performance in a sport. All it will do is make it harder for colleges to get good at sports. The college athletes are treated like employees and even make money for the school but still don't get paid. Mostly all college athletes are on scholarships. If college students were to be paid, smaller universities and colleges would have an extreme disadvantage.

According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, around 40 percent of the Americans follow college sports. Would boys and girls be paid the same amount of money and would better players get more money than others.

A good reason for college athletes to be paid is that it provides athletes to get good exposure. And that goes for any sport, you have to be able to participate at a high level than high school.

This has resulted into increased revenues for the NCAA and the participating colleges which has fuelled the debate of whether college athletes should be compensated beyond their athletic scholarships. According to PointAfter.

thesis statement for why college athletes should be paid

From the incomes to these few sports, the less popular sports at schools would be cut because they do not have enough revenue coming in to pay the players. The NCAA has increased its profits through the sale of merchandise, television rights and licenses for video games.

College athletes shouldn get paid essay

If a student athlete does not maintain the proper grades in their classes then it could have an effect on play along with handling the discussion on an ideal scholarship.

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