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It was the discovery of the Americas that shaped the history of the America that is known today. These men came over to the New World in search for land and money but discovered numerous types of cultures and tribes instead Students are even taught the names of Christopher Columbus' three ships he used on his first voyage.

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This whole world owes their lives to him. Historians are certain that Columbus was not a noble. Would they celebrate Columbus Day if they really knew the facts? But later on, doing research on him, looking for what he really did, where did he came from etc. Voyages In , Columbus took to the seas on his second expedition and explored more islands in the Caribbean Ocean. Columbus died of heart failure and arthritis in Valladolid , Spain, at the possible age of Columbus shaped the world as we know it today. He views the natives as a source of economical benefit, hoping to employ them for practical purposes Because of Columbus people live longer, achieved something many people would not have dared to do at his time, and today the world population is spread out throughout the world. These allegations are absurd and lack logical evidence The role of history in the iconography of the United States is pervasive, yet the facts behind the fiction are somehow lost in an amorphous haze of patriotism and perceived national identity. However, they grow up not knowing the truth about Christopher Columbus, what he really did to 'accomplish' his tasks.

He has been credited for opening up the Americas to European colonization. Columbus was giving their land away, and then forcing them to work on that land. He came over from Spain in three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria and discovered America, or at least that was what I was taught in elementary school.

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I also became a chart maker for a short period of time

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