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The author provided a good synopsis of the critical elements to improve cross-cultural communication. She continues by listing the challenges as well as the strategies for improving cultural diversity in a work environment.

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Individualism: Score 80 Canada can be characterized as an Individualist culture with a score of These arise due to cultural differences in language use, which makes communicators miss one another with the meaning of their words.

It includes personal conversations, speeches, meetings, telephone. Every culture and every country will most likely have their own means of achieving success in global management; identifying what drives a culture to succeed, then, is paramount Diversity generally strengthens the organization and a diverse workforce is a key to success This is because if neither people want to neither live here nor work here, they have to deal with a lot of financial related issue with banks.

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Intercultural communication presents an unexplored and challenging field that needs to be understood for a better development in communication

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