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The human being stepped into the world.

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He is not strong enough to confront the lion; so let him flee far from it, know it from afar by its sound, and in order to be able to flee it in a human way and with forethought, let him learn to recognize it and a hundred other harmful animals distinctly, and therefore to name them!

Thus, what man sees with his eye and feels by touch can also become soundable. With the first characteristic mark language arose. On Thomas Abbt's writings ; 5. Moral Philosophy Herder also develops a philosophically powerful and historically influential moral philosophy.

The point here is that it is not a scream of emotion, for not a breathing machine but a reflective soul invented language But let this distribution of the forces of the soul, in which people noticeably suffocate all the other forces in order to excel beyond other people in a single one of them, not be transferred to the condition of a natural human being.

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Standard academic writing has this vice, whereas spontaneous speech, and writing that imitates it, do not. Be thou nothing or else the monarch of creation through understanding! So, to the matter. Predicates, and still no subject, The heavenly genius may need to be ashamed of that, but not the sensuous, human creature, for what moved the latter — as we have seen — more deeply than these resounding actions? It is known how often scholastics and polemicists could not even fight with words of their own language and hence had to import arms hypostasis and substance, homoousios and homoiousios from those languages in which the concepts were abstracted, in which the arms were whetted! With all its progressions and deviations it would be a map of the humanity of language. What I renounce least happily here are the many sorts of prospects which would lead from this point of the genesis of language in the human soul into the broad fields of Logic, Aesthetics, and Psychology, especially concerning the question, How far can one think without language, what must one think with language? How obscure is feeling! As a result, translation is in many cases an extremely difficult undertaking. Yes, what all could one not infer, and — in our original languages the clear opposite happens throughout.

Another radical thesis that Herder champions is that moral sentiments as a rule turn out to be both suitable to and explicable in terms of the particular type of society and mode of life to which they belong.

What should he eat? Yes, what all could one not infer, and — in our original languages the clear opposite happens throughout. In a dream, in a thought-dream, the human being does not think as orderly and distinctly as when awake, but nonetheless he still thinks as a human being — as a human being in a middle state, never as a complete animal.

Another, much less obvious, means is a certain vitally important technique that Herder develops for overcoming conceptual discrepancies between the source language and the target language.

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Johann Gottfried von Herder (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)