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For example, if you were robbed by a certain race or type of person, you might even subconsciously associate that type of person with the experience and come to the conclusion that that type of person is bad.

The very diversity of his achievements contributed to the unity of his thinking. Thus Bacon set up the machinery of control which has since become almost the fetish of science. The principal end of philosophy is to improve the state of man; the merit of all learning is to be determined by its measure of usefulness.

Science has been under this delusion for some time, assuming there was a simple explanation for most physical phenomena such as weather. The philosophy of Francis Bacon reflects not only the genius of his own mind but the experiences which result from full and distinguished living.

A person's education: Education falls into the "nurture" side of the "nature-nurture" equation, and is a large influence on an individual's perception of the world around them.

This may explain Bacon's epitaph which is said to be a summary of his whole method. The thoughts of the individual roam about in this dark cave and are variously modified by temperament, education, habit, environment, and accident.

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The books a person reads: Books work similarly to education, and perhaps are in fact a somewhat less intense version of education. For example, in the area of personal taste around music, I hear it said often that "musical group X sucks" or "yeah, band y has two good songs.

He left enough, however, so that other men could perfect the work. They are abstractions in error arising from common tendencies to exaggeration, distortion, and disproportion.

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According to him it is the popular belief that men form their thoughts into words in order to communicate their opinions to others, but often words arise as substitutes for thoughts and men think they have won an argument because they have out talked their opponents.

Relativity, QM, and Chaos theory are only recently changing this view.

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Analysis of Francis Bacon's The Four Idols Essay