Future trends and challenges for organizational behaviour

Ivancevich, John M.

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Schermerhorn et al. Helping Employees Balance Work-Life Conflicts The typical employee in the s or s showed up at the work place Monday through Friday and did his or her job 8 or 9-hour chunk of time. Kathmandu Buddha Academic Publishers and Distributors. New Delhi:Konark Publishers. Technology has changed the nature of work as well as the roles of employees. There are no commonly accepted theories or methods. Gibson Open system is composed of subsystems and focus is towards integrations of them and getting synergy effect. Murugan, S. Personal interest is an aspect of organizational behavior and managers face the task of encouraging group interest over personal interest so as to preserve ethical values. Some of the important trends observed are explained below: Customizing Employee Experiences One of the most powerful megatrends shaping the labor market is Individualization — the demand by individuals to be treated as such in the workplace. Ginnett Robert C.

Grover Press Inc. It is argued that technology and its management also has considerable influence on the organizational behavior and the nature of work. Flattening World. Kathmandu: Navin Prakashan in Nepali.

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It has also created intense competition, as the speed of business is growing faster and faster all the time. Rather, globalization emphasizes the need to recognize the contingencies of effective OB practices in different cultures. Management: Principles and Functions. Principles and Practices of Management. Thomas, F. Managers also need to develop the communication skills that enable them to have customized engagement conversations with their employees. Ginnett Robert C. Improving Quality and Productivity Quality is the extent to which the customers or users believe the product or service surpasses their needs and expectations. Sohrabi, B. One of its main objectives is to capture the high-end luxury clients who are looking for a holiday outing and features.

In short organizational culture defines attitude, experience, belief and psychology of an organization which is very important for the employees as it helps them in understanding the objective and philosophy of the organization.

Complex in this context implies that a variety of organizational aspects, its design, people, culture, human resource practices and policies and management behavior as well its various sub-units - divisions, groups, and geographic entities — are all interdependent.

Challenges of organisational behaviour

Ethical Behavior Corporate scandals involving unethical behavior can be made public within a short time. New Delhi: Kalyani Publishers. Diversity comes in the form of many disciplinary perspectives e. Newstrom,John W. The primary reason to employ heterogeneous category of employees is to tap the talents and potentialities, harnessing the innovativeness, obtaining synergetic effect among the divorce workforce. A Conference paper. This makes it increasingly difficult for married employees to find the time to fulfill commitments to home, spouse, children, parents, and friends. Pfeffer, J. Personal interest is an aspect of organizational behavior and managers face the task of encouraging group interest over personal interest so as to preserve ethical values. New Delhi: S. Another dramatic change in the employment relationship is telecommuting. Empowerment is defined as putting employees in charge of what they do by eliciting some sort of ownership in them. Ahuja, K K Although technology brings with it efficiency in collating and disseminating knowledge, it can also alienate individuals such as the elderly within the organization. Employers who previously evaluated employees based on the number of hours they were physically present at the workplace face-time , need to develop outcome based measures of performance.

Singapore: McGraw-Hill. Coping with Temporariness In recent times, the product life cycles are slimming, the methods of operations are improving, and fashions are changing very fast.

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