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There was a fire somewhere - surely a huge fire.

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You know what it's like when you're chatting about this and that. It has a fresh approach to teaching writing and will no doubt bring something new to the table for a lot of teachers It would enable a teacher to take pupils through the different elements of narrative writing in such a way as to ensure they were able to hit the assessment objectives The smoke was like a wall of solid black, and the action unbelievable - fire-fighters, hoses, water jets and a crowd of faces looking on just like they would at a fireworks display, just looking and wondering.

You know that feeling you have just before a really bad thunder storm, when the sky turns inky and the air feels oddly cool and fresh?

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If you saw the news last night, you'll know the rest. Nothing unusual in that. We'd have headed straight for our usual glass of cool Coke at Brucciani's but we were more interested to know what was going on.

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Their new branch wasn't selling Coke any longer I can't even remember getting on the bus; but I can certainly remember getting off! Most students wouldn't, it's true. There were nicely selected extracts Not a lot.

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There were also some good interactive activities The usual breezy fifteen minutes' journey had taken us over an hour. It was as if every nation, every age, everybody was there! Notice how the description relies on the senses - sensory description - sight, sound, smell and so on; also, how it uses vivid and original figurative language. Not a lot. But in your own exam or coursework - dare to be different! Description also helps create an exciting sense of tension and excitement - and all of this helps the writing to be more interesting and compelling. It was weird. Nothing unusual in that. Unbelievably, no one was badly hurt and the fire-fighters had it all under control pretty quickly.

As you read this fictional and imaginative account of a visit to the city of Leicester, notice how important the description is to it.

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Short Stories: Writing Creatively for GCSE English Language