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Fill up debit card forms When customers came for open an account at that time I asked them whether they want to take debit card along with cheque book and what are the facilities they will get from this card. Shabbir Ahmed, Mr. Every organization has its own secrecy that is not revealed to others. While collecting data i. After initiation of business in , it has been able to set up one of the biggest networks having branches in different districts. Proper risk management is one of the core foundations of banking. In chapter — 2, describes the general situation of UCBL, including the history, the market share, support, diverse actions, branch network and administration hierarchy etc. A strong internal control and compliance system is needed to make sure that the bank will meet its aims and objectives, will achieve long term productivity targets and uphold dependable fiscal and supervisory reporting. In addition this report holds some other details about basic general banking of United Commercial Bank. Investment in Company activities. However, we had some textbook knowledge but had little in real life, practice so ever. In spite of limitation I also got some facility to complete my internship report.

These deposits are not repayable on demand but they are withdrawal subject to a period of notice. Liquidity eventuality preparation and implementation of liability pricing policy for the bank are also reviewed by ALCO.

Then I filled up the form by asking all the details from the customers and put them on a file so that later the respective officer can get the form to put details to make the card.

This is non-interest bearing account. If the bank deals with or lends to corporate, individuals, other banks or financial institutions, this risk arises then. Project summary Customers Perceptions of general banking activities is essential for any bank and if their personnel are work hard to give something innovative then consumers will be more satisfied by them.

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Cash receiving officer write down the amount in figure and in words ON the front side of the cheque. The procedure for selling P. He gave me a guidelines how to prepare my report more attractive and perfect. For local remittance purpose UCBL purchases and sells some instruments for its customers. While collecting data i. Credit Risk Management The chance that the borrower or country party is will not be successful to meet their responsibilities according to the agreement terms is considered as credit risk. In the following there is a description of each department. The numbers of employees are not sufficient enough to perform task effectively in Narayanganj branch. The Bank obtained permission to commerce business with effect from 26 June and started banking operations on 29 June with an authorized capital of Tk million ordinary shares of TK each. To make sure it stays like this, co-operation and co-ordination among related parties are required. There are few schemes UCBL is offering its customers. Issuing pay-orders Pay order is an instrument, which is used to remit money within a city through banking channel. Like- Savings Bank SB Account This is an interest bearing account and only individuals can open this type of accounts. It was formed as a public company in Bangladesh on the 26th June, under the company Act and listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange limited on the 30th November, and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited on the 15th November, The Bank, aiming to play a leading role in the economic activities of the country, is firmly engaged in the development of trade, commerce and industry by investing in network expansion and new technology adoption to have competitive advantage.

This bank has given me the opportunity to observe the banking environment for the first time indeed. Give cheque requisition At the time of opening an account I had to take the signature from the customers in cheque requisition form and then I had to fill up that from and later had to give cheque requisition by the help of the software.

They help increasing economic growth, social stability, and they contribute to the development of a dynamic private sector. Limitation of time was one of the most important factors to collect data.

Nature of the jobs In UCBL I have got a chance to work in only two different departments as this is a small branch and operates with few divisions.

general banking activities of basic bank

Balance of account can be seen with few seconds. Nasim Kalam, Mr.

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