Genetic variation essay

But, the more closely linked two alleles are, the longer the hitchhiking will last. That is, research reveals that Homo sapiens is one continuously variable, interbreeding species.

sources of genetic variation

Genetic variation has two components- allelic diversity and non- random associations of alleles. Most new alleles added to the gene pool are lost almost immediately due to drift or selection; only a small percent ever reach a high frequency in the population. For example, one must have a solid understanding of biology to evaluate the recent decision by the Icelandic government to create a database that will contain extensive genetic and medical information about the country's citizens.

As a consequence, we can think about the relationships between knowledge, choice, behavior, and human welfare in the following ways: One of the goals of this module is to encourage students to think in terms of these relationships, now and as they grow older.

Researchers then attach fluorescent labels to DNA from the cell they are studying. There are also many possible ways to trans fer genes. Communities Communities are an important factor when looking at ways to help deterring crime, however when looking at Urban, we find that the rate of crime is much higher than suburban communities

types of variation
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Understanding Human Genetic Variation