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Together, these words describe a methodo-logy of constructing a building a site that brings harmony and well-being to those who would dwell within. Also, a diagonal formed by the northeast and southwest corners of the building aligns with both the summer solstice sunrise and the winter solstice sunset.

The luxurious and lavish lifestyles of the foreign rulers adversely influenced the architectural designs as well.

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In this context our ancient Indians had evolved the methods or principles of living in harmony with nature or natural way of living with environment which could be conducive to pursue the maintenance of stream of consciousness and or to attain the state of super consciousness or State of Sat-Chit- Anand. However in contemporary India this old practice is being termed as "myth" or "occult" by almost all. JALA Normal water -Water is within a liquid form and is represented by rainfall, ocean, sea, and river. LinkedIn 5. Soil Taste Test. The extensive remedial measures available in vastu shastra try to equalise the thermal difference and offer harmonious and blissful conditions for the dweller. Vaastu Shastra is futhermore recognized by the 'Vaastu Pundits' experts and it is referred to as 'The Edifice Science' implication of the rules of this technology while planning a building will assuredly bring peace and prosperity to its occupiers Vastu Shastra has been known as a science derived from the study of characteristics and the supernatural by the prehistoric Aryan 'sages'. An efficient building harnesses the Sun as much as it can. The wisemen of yesteryears infused religious beliefs in Vastu so that individuals will apply it and practise it in the fear of the supernatural but today it's been been misjudged and wrongly accused in the name of faith and occultism. Heater, Furnace The next part points out the correlation between the activity of the sub atomic paticles and the electromagnetic flux. Vanishing into oblivion, all that remains of those that were once great and powerful in this world are but a handful of relics.

This fear of being a victim to such immoral tactics by some Vastu consultants who don't realize the subject but scare people for their advantage has generated an unbelief of Vastu Shastra in India. Vastu Shastra in India Vastu Shastra can be an ancient building technology that governed the Indian structures in the vedic times.

Vastu shastra and modern architecture

Of Light. Rahu is the head of serpant, so heavy weights like overhead tanks, storage rooms etc are built in that direction to supress its negative impact. The thesis is made up of four chapters. Thus various individual conditions can be improved by considering the effectiveness of these five basic natural makes while creating the buildings. The equilibrium we observe in the nature is easily perceivable by us in all moving bodies, but unfortunately we are unable to note this equilibrium in static bodies. Selection Of Building Site. Another example of Astronomical Structures: 2. The guidelines of Vaastu Shastra and environmental reflections in personal buildings were established taking into consideration the cosmic affect of sunlight, wind way, magnetic field of the earth and the impact of cosmos on the 'Earth'. Various ailments like insomnia, cerebral palsy, hypertension, etc experienced therapeutic in th past 15 years with the help of Environmental energy much before it was acclaimed by the scholars of today through the study of 'Matsya', 'Mansara'and a lot more epics and were recognised and known as science including the military knowledge 'Dhanur-Vidya' The occupation of the developer or the architect is completely mistaken with the role of the astrologer.

Avoid Other Shapes. It's the primary conductor of all the sources of energy for example light, acoustics, social energies namely emotional and mental and cognitive energies specifically intuition and intellect. Vanishing into oblivion, all that remains of those that were once great and powerful in this world are but a handful of relics.

It flows uninterruptedly from North Pole to South Pole in the form of magnetic waves. Vaastu Ceremony.

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Is Vastu Shastra relevant to Architecture of the 21st century?