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In essence, innovation and creativity have enabled human beings to come up with solutions to the problems that arise or to deal with the necessities facing them.

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The mobile phones as well as other wireless technologies have turned out to be the preferred communication medium options International Telecommunication Union, This paper will briefly discuss the history of the cell phone, how my life has been patterned around this technology, my enjoyment without this technology, how the experience relates to some of the course material, and my overall lesson from this experience.

With this realization though heeds caution, because just like anything that is not managed properly, the technology of today has the potential to reap destruction on homes and families. At age 23, Bell built a workshop in the new family home in Ontario and experimented there with converting music into an electrical signal.

This technology is a unique one and, unlike most of the other new technologies, one does not need to be literate for him or her to use it. At Weston House Academy Bell earned money for teaching elocution. By the yearthe percentage had risen to about 60 of the total population consisting of million people having mobile phone coverage and the total area having Bell studied the human voice and worked with various schools for the deaf.

Cell phone essay

At some point, an airplane was invention, and there was invention of the computer just but to name a few. The forces of continuity that had to change were the cost of the technology had to come down, so until then people The ability to communicate by telephone is vital for any position. Thomas, S. The inhabitants of the earth have long communicated over a distance, which has been done by shouting from one hilltop or tower to another. When we want to know something or want to talk to someone all we have to do is reach down into our pockets and we instantly get answers. It is based off of the Bell Telephone system and runs over copper twisted pair wires that form the local loop. It is not encouraging. The telephone made an incredible impact on society.

By the third ring the call should be Answered.

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Mobile Phone Innovation Essay