Introduction to interference and diffraction

This experiment will demonstrate the wave nature of the light by observing diffraction and interference of a laser light passing through a single slit and double slits, respectively.

interference and diffraction physics

If the difference between the phases is intermediate between these two extremes, then the magnitude of the displacement of the summed waves lies between the minimum and maximum values.

Turn off the room light, and observe the light pattern on the wall on the other side of the foil. Interference and Diffraction.

Difference between interference and diffraction in tabular form pdf

Double Slit Interference Take the other aluminum foil. The center of this pattern is always bright, along the y-axis of the slit. With the protocol completed, let us now review the results of both the single-slit and the double-slit experiments. In the case of two closely spaced slits, the pattern formed, famously known as the "Young's double-slit interference pattern", is due to the interference of the diffracted light from both slits. This principle can be extended to engineer a grating with a structure such that it will produce any diffraction pattern desired; the hologram on a credit card is an example. These are like rays that start out in phase and head in all directions. This is expected for the single slit diffraction pattern, as the parallel light rays from the laser bend at the slit and overlap constructively, forming the bright fringes and destructively forming the dark bands in between.

A shadow of a solid object, using light from a compact source, shows small fringes near its edges. Note that the central maximum is larger than those on either side, and that the intensity decreases rapidly on either side.

difference between interference and diffraction in physics

As physical objects have wave-like properties at the atomic leveldiffraction also occurs with matter and can be studied according to the principles of quantum mechanics. Next, stack three razor blades such that the middle blade is recessed.

Note that the central bright fringe is approximately twice as wide in the y-direction as the other bright fringes which are about the same in widthand the over intensity of the bright fringes decay away from the center along the y-axis, as expected for the single slit diffraction pattern.

Introduction to interference and diffraction

This is indeed the diffraction pattern due to each of the narrow slits.

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Interference and Diffraction