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Defined by the Oxford Dictionary, love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. He was trying to win back the trust of his wife and to do this he became the hero. I will always love you This song is about how the singer will always love another character no matter what they put them through. John Proctor is a man living in distress after cheating on his wife Elizabeth with a former servant Abigail. For example, the two stories take place in the same time frame, approximately around the mid 's to early 's. Adultery is a big sin to commit as a Puritan, John confessed his sin to the court to prove that there are liars among the court. Your time is important. John Proctor felt determined to save his wife. Arthur Miller was in the same situation as John Proctor in because he refused to give names of people he saw at communist meetings.

None of them were true because witches and wizards are not real and therefore, all the accused people, were innocent.

This plot of self-forgiveness was captured in three stages.

John proctor cruicible essay

David Kato, a Ugandan gay rights campaigner, was beaten to death on January 26, Although the relationship has ended Abigail still wishes to see him. At first, Proctor was a man wrecked with guilt and self-doubt.

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In order to do this he has to provide crucial evidence that the jury full of girls are liars. This shows that John never had feelings for Abigail and took advantage of her naive emotions.

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Right before his hanging he gets a chance to see his wife Elizabeth for one last time. If he does confess to this it will ruin his good name. This dark side almost led to the death of his wife.

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He has corrupted the young Abigail and now wants nothing to do with her. Despite his flaws, Proctor is able to evoke sympathy from the audience thus qualifying himself to be a tragic hero of this play. He believes that him committing adultery is a sin big enough to damage his character, Elizabeth becoming less trusting of him and publicly exposing his infidelity would only add insult to injury. Both characters from the novels lived in the Puritan colonies of Massachusetts during a time in our history that adultery was considered a mortal sin and witchcraft was punishable by death. The next part of this scene sees Proctor speaking to the antagonist of the play, Abigail Williams. John Proctor, a farmer who lives in a farm with his wife Elizabeth Proctor, is the protagonist during the Salem witch trial. Common traits one might expect to find in a traditional hero are humility, patience and caring. He is also one to go with his first instincts, and has a lot of pride.
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