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Indu Malhotra is the first woman justice to be selected directly from the bar. Recent important cases[ edit ] Among the important pronouncements of the supreme court post is the Coelho case I. NarimanU. Land reform[ edit ] After some of the courts overturned state laws for redistributing land from zamindar landlord estates on the ground that the laws violated the zamindars' fundamental rights, the parliament passed the 1st amendment to the constitution infollowed by the 4th amendment into uphold its authority to redistribute land.

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These examinations are unified and organized by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. Powers to punish for contempt[ edit ] Under Articles and of the constitution the supreme court has been vested with power to punish anyone for contempt of any court in India including itself.

Accordingly, "Supreme Court Rules, " were framed.

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The first proceedings and inauguration, however, took place on 28 January at am, when the judges took their seats. As per this Article, subject to the provisions of any law made by parliament or any rules made under Article , the supreme court shall have power to review any judgment pronounced or order made by it. It is also referred as the wheel of righteousness, encompassing truth, goodness and equity. Recent important cases[ edit ] Among the important pronouncements of the supreme court post is the Coelho case I. Approved, can take the oath and sign up for organ class. Post an assertive court[ edit ] See also: Judicial Activism In India After Indira Gandhi lost elections in , the new government of Morarji Desai , and especially law minister Shanti Bhushan who had earlier argued for the detenues in the Habeas Corpus case , introduced a number of amendments making it more difficult to declare and sustain an emergency, and reinstated much of the power to the supreme court. However, for all practical and legal purposes, the Bar Council of India retains with it, the final power to take decisions in any and all matters related to the legal profession on the whole or with respect to any Advocate individually, as so provided under the Advocates Act, It portrays Mother India in the form of the figure of a lady, sheltering the young Republic of India represented by the symbol of a child, who is upholding the laws of land symbolically shown in the form of an open book. The main block of the building has been built on a triangular plot of 17 acres and has been designed in an Indo-British style by the chief architect Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar , the first Indian to head the Central Public Works Department.

Ambedkar clarified as given below in the Constituent Assembly debates on Article 38 1 high lighting its inevitable implementation.

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