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The company still continues its focus on management of capital, which is an illustration of its effective, prudent and strategic expansion. Secondly, in order to gain knowledge in new market and desire to expand to European market as soon as possible, Starbucks decided to use their huge capital to acquire the Seattle Coffee Store Santamara and Shuang Ni, However, for the reason of coffee health and environmental and communities concern nowadays as a result of globalization, consumer nowadays demand more on the product that they purchase.

That is why it has global presence in about 50 countries where passion for speciality coffee, community connect and reliable service surpasses cultural and language barriers.

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The mode of entry of Starbucks Coffee Company to Malaysia expanding and operating its business through the mode of licensing. Willingness to invest in Wi-Fi technology by Starbucks management create repetitive 21 or length of consumer visit, making positive affect to assist its consumers with their task and making an identity mark in the industry. They follow a supplier diversity programs by trusting and welcoming warmly the suppliers and create a culturally diverse workplace where people from varied backgrounds are values and respected. Instant coffee product in Malaysia market is not truly with "premium style" compare to Nescafe's Gold Blend ZhiJing, Boscheratto, P. The company still continues its focus on management of capital, which is an illustration of its effective, prudent and strategic expansion. Minocha, S. Like when Starbucks planned to open a store in Cambridge it was opposed by local activists along with community push —backs against Starbucks. Bookman, S. Throughout the years of s, Starbucks Coffee under the leadership of Howard Schultz, the company had expanded and growth rapidly with several efforts done. Berjaya Starbucks Company Sdn. In that case, the affective behavior is increased and this led to increase in customer loyalty and repurchase decision.

Bagley, S. We conducted two surveys, first survey data used as background research for the study and related to Malaysian context.

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Countless studies have been conducted by researcher on such benefit9. Its reward programs another method of gaining customer loyalty and popularity. Before consumer shifts its preference from coffee to any other beverage why not do some product innovation and develop a brand which attracts not just the youth but each and every section of society. Question and Answer. It is one of the reasons whereby satisfied customers keep returning to Starbucks cafe. Introduction Starbucks Corporation is one of the largest food and beverages multinational enterprises MNEs , its industry included restaurants, retail coffee and tea, beverages, entertainment and etc. Starbucks roasts its beans longer than others to bring out the exclusive flavor.

Strong values with existence of meanings brand created when a person connected to it reflecting self-actualisation, meanings or cultural identities. Wen, C. Therefore, the company tried to focus on Japanese tastes and deliberate on news recipes Sanchanta, In interview with Computer Weekly, Mr.

First, Starbucks is marketed as a status item and so it is more high involvement has more economic, psychological, and social risk than unbranded coffee or cheaper coffee from Subway or McDonalds.

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Starbucks Marketing Mix Strategy