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Baker points out the similarity between both authors' tones and use of irony. This information shows that Swift is writing in a satirical tone.

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One of the important elements in Swift's Proposal is related to Cannibalism, the discourse of ethnic defamation which arose from the Norman conquest of Ireland in the twelfth century.

In making his argument, the speaker uses the conventional, textbook-approved order of argument from Swift's time which was derived from the Latin rhetorician Quintilian. Through successful use of irony, ambiguity and symbolism he makes comments addressing such specific topics as universal concerns and the moral degeneration of man.

Fifthly, the empty taverns will be full with a huge number of customers and finally it will be a great encouragement to marriage and increase the care of mother to their children.

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Economic themes[ edit ] Robert Phiddian's article "Have you eaten yet? In the tradition of Roman satire, Swift introduces the reforms he is actually suggesting by paralipsis : Therefore let no man talk to me of other expedients: Of taxing our absentees at five shillings a pound: Of using neither clothes, nor household furniture, except what is of our own growth and manufacture: Of utterly rejecting the materials and instruments that promote foreign luxury: Of curing the expensiveness of pride, vanity, idleness, and gaming in our women: Of introducing a vein of parsimony, prudence and temperance: Of learning to love our country, wherein we differ even from Laplandersand the inhabitants of Topinamboo : Of quitting our animosities and factions, nor acting any longer like the Jews, who were murdering one another at the very moment their city was taken : Of being a little cautious not to sell our country and consciences for nothing: Of teaching landlords to have at least one degree of mercy towards their tenants.

Smith argues that Swift's rhetorical style persuades the reader to detest the speaker and pity the Irish.

Swift uses satire to evoke emotion in the reader and provide motivation for those who are idling waiting for a solution I believed that Swift added cannibalizing children to the subject matter to give his proposal a more profound and eye-opening effect, but my readings further piqued my interests on the topic.

He reminds readers that "there is a gap between the narrator's meaning and the text's, and that a moral-political argument is being carried out by means of parody". He is serious throughout the essay but constantly changing the tone of the essay. The more I think upon this scheme, the more reasonable it appears to me; and it ought by no means to be confined to Ireland; for, in all probability, we shall, in a very little time, be altogether as poor here as you are there.

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