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It includes Photo Voltaic modules and systems. Continual improvement in environmental management system to protect our nature environment and control pollution.

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The commercial section prepares a manufacturing order on the basis of the customer specifications. Employee engaging himself in other employment without the written permission of the management or if he is found to have been working else where during the period of leave or off duty.

Cost estimates will be given by Finance department, which makes the work easy for this department for quoting to a bid.

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Book and Budget? Quality control in words of scientific techniques is used as a method of usage for the purpose of ensuring the quality of manufactured goods as per the requirements.

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By cost splits the management will be in a position to know where exactly wastages is more, or which method is causing runoff profits etc. Research and Development Department. Function Ascertaining and communication complete customer quality requirements to esign. Bangalore 4. Develop an organizational culture that encourages team work, mutual trust and freedom to express ones feeling and opinion so as to contribute to professional well being to employees and organization. The success in the area of rehabilitation and life extension of power projects has established BHEL as a reliable alternative to the original equipment manufacturers OEMs for such power plants. If there is any small crack, it will be revealed and thus are rejected. So the management shall keep in view the suitability of the employees for the particular management work and also the pay grade and the seniority of the employees concerned is projected. Power system studies? The seniority of the person whose services are obtained on deputation and who is substantially absorbed in the service of the company without break shall be determined with reference to the date of his joining and the existing post initially on depuration. Bills payable? Employees are kept informed about various activities through a monthly house journal.

Preventive vigilance? Employees who live in houses owned by themselves will be paid HRA at the above rates, depending on the ratable values assessed by the municipal authority of the area where the house is situated.

To propagate, support and implement the principles of Global Compact to United Nations. Oil and gas sector 6.

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The systems supplied are both with conventional DC drives and state of the art AC drives. Management Information System Department. After the sales is done that is after the dispatch of products is invoice raised by commercial department and collects the amount from the customers. Continuous training and retraining, career planning, a positive work culture and participate style of management have engendered development of a committed and motivated work force leading to enhanced productivity and higher levels of quality. There aim is, rather that level of quality which establishes the proper balance between the cost of the product and the service it renders that to the cost of the product. The committee constitutes of corporate personnel departments in consultation with the respective division. The company management should keep the employees happy so that the function of the company moves on without any problem.

For keeping the employee happy there are several benefits like allowances, welfare measures, incentives, etc. Finance Department. This enables BHEL to have a strong customer orientation, to be sensitive to his needs and respond quickly to the changes the market.

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