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Muslim economies flourish on three dimensions.

poultry farming in pakistan pdf

It must be transported by a NMIS accredited meat van bearing the Halal Certified Mark logo inscribed name of halal certifier on the outside wall panel. Community Participation Program will on the one hand ensure regular support to the poorer members of the community and on the other ensure that the company keeps getting good quality animals for its processing plant.

Therefore, this study establishes the measures for the betterment of Pakistan food industry and direct policy makers about the problems of stakeholders in promoting Pakistan as a global halal food hub in the world food market.

Fencing is also important as part of biosecurity measures.

Poultry industry in pakistan 2018

Shahdan, I. Principles in halal supply chain management. The other opportunities at the rate of Ayyub, R. ISSN Another obstacle is the lack of knowledge of the local produce about the international prospect markets for their product sale point. This study also explores upon the growth determinants and prospects of the Pakistan halal industry that Islamic finance institutions, government and NGOs offer to hold up businesses in the world halal industry. NIAS press. The role of Islamic banks more important in the growth of halal industry and the concept of halal is incomplete without the interest free financing. Chi-Square 1. Additionally, this meat sector is the most organized, contributed 1.

A dog is allowed in Islam for two purposes: guarding the farm i. According to Awan, Siddiquei and Haideronly 6 million Muslims get access to buy and use halal products rest are unaware of the halal product market availability due to short of strategic systems and harmony among the halal product producers and the government.

Hence, cloning is strictly prohibited on halal-compliant goat farms. About six breeds of goats are raised in the country but only three are commonly raised. Therefore, logistics is a bustle considered by the industry players to be one of the ingredients of competitive advantage.

poultry industry in pakistan pdf
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Halal meat, what it is and why its market is booming all over the world