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Goal of Prewriting The purpose of prewriting is to calm students' fears. Write that word, sentence, or phrase at the top of a new page, set the timer, and have students write about that topic until the timer goes off. Have students make an actual list with two columns. How to use it: In its simplest form, this prewriting technique entails using shapes, symbols, colors, arrows, and lines. The challenge is choosing a moment significant enough to write about. We uncover how we feel, what we remember, what is important to us when we write. What is prewriting? We want writing to be an act of discovery, and prewriting can help students get there. I have found two techniques that really get students thinking about the issues that may resonate with them prior to their research and drafting stages of writing. Teachers can remind them that some writing tasks do not require explicit planning — students can start drafting because planning is part of what they are doing without thinking about it, but they need to learn strategic planning so they can use it when faced with a challenging writing task. Doing this as a class the first time through is less overwhelming for many students, and it helps students follow along if they have step-by-step directions that they can refer back to later. Put a large piece of chart paper on the board and begin to doodle, draw, web — whatever comes. She is supported by a wonderful family made better by the addition of her two beautiful children. A successful means of engaging students is by providing an appropriate anticipatory set.

Click on the image to learn more about this unit bundle! There is no reason to incorporate explicit planning in these easy, often pleasant writing tasks.

Encourage students to ask more than just one question for each word. Students will elevate their thoughts on the issue with the next two sides: 3. I then time each side allowing for discussion and writing.

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Students like to see examples. When students text message or IM each another, they rarely think carefully about what they are going to say before writing and pressing send. Students can draw the diagram right into their resource book and fill it in.

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We often short-change prewriting activities, but they are so valuable! For instance, Inspiration allows students to select various-sized and -shaped icons and shows them many ways to manipulate those icons to consider relationships and organizational patterns. Programs like Inspiration or Kidspiration help students by showing them ways to organize random ideas. Finally, students will work towards the highest levels of blooms taxonomy: 5. Generally, I lead these conversations, but I have also found success in having students participate in carousel activities. Use prewriting activities as an opportunity to conference. Ready to draft Once your students have completed one or hopefully more of these prewriting strategies, they will probably feel ready to draft their essay. As an accommodation, teachers or peer partners can jot down the information as students think aloud about what they would like to write. It is different from freewriting where the focus is to keep writing. Before I ask students to collaborate on the topics listed on each side of the cube, I do think it is important to have a conversation with your students about the pre-writing process; what is its purpose, what will be gained throughout the process, as well as gentle reminders that they need not have all the answers!

Writers create a concept map of how different elements fit together. It can also be helpful for students to work in pairs with one person arguing one side and bring up all the opposing ideas.

Allow students to create as many different lists as they like.

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Illinois Literacy in Action has some great lists for argumentative, informative, and narrative mentor texts. Another might be the student using something said to begin a new piece that can be worked on in writing workshop. She asks them to choose one entry they want to develop and she has them discuss with a partner why that entry matters most.

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11 Prewriting Strategies (and how to use them)