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Oxford: Oxford University press, pp. There was a marked increase in the number of piracy cases after the Asian financial crisis of This emergence in power however poses a threat to the United States; the current world hegemon.

This category of security threat is of particular concern in this dissertation. The second dimension is environmental security and includes issues like climate change, global warming, and access to resources. The second part will be talking about religion.

For instance, inthe highest number of piracy came up to incidents. The overall analysis of the threat of Piracy and Maritime Terrorism in the Malacca Strait region indicates that that Piracy is the global phenomena but has a regional implication at a large extent.

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However, sea route is still considered safer than territorial route. The definition has revamped the traditional understanding of the piracy in the modern era and removes the shortcomings of the UNCLOS definition.

In addition, Piracy and Maritime Terrorism have also accelerated the pace of proliferation of arms and smuggling of narcotics in the region. However, the term 'Security' is much hyped notion in the realm of modern international relations, incorporates a range of contested views as a buzzword of the security and defense studies in modern era.

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These non-military Non-Traditional Security Threats NTS are perceived as potential threat to the individuals and nation state as much severely than military terms. The scientific agenda has to meet academic standards, while political agenda could be shaped by governmental, media or public standards.

Malaysian waters are also a piracy-prone zone.

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How Has the Study of International Security Changed since the Cold War’s End?