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The Examination. He gave a letter to Dantes to make him give it to one of Napoleons allies on the place of Dantes, Marseilles. Related Interests. I was excited to see how this story was being put on screen, and how the actors would portray the characters. But Villefort is a coward; he forgot to ask if to whom the letter is supposed to be, and when Dantes told the name, Noirter, Villefort changed his mind, burned the letter and put Dantes in the Chateau dIf, where prisoners are bought. The lavish scenery, dramatic acting and wonderful score all help make "The Count of Monte Cristo" a film worth watching. I learned in this movie that trials are not the reasons to give up but inspirations to move on. He do it slowly, and with full of pain also on the side of Mondego. Dantes is inside the jail of the priest and when the food is being brought to the jail of the priest, the one bringing the food saw that the priest is dead, and he told it to the one managing the whole prison, they put the priest inside a bag and went outside.

Vengeance, I think is the main theme in the story. Rizal must have a good time reading Alexander Dumas obra maestro.

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Different dignitaries attend the celebration. He taught Dantes how to read, write, and fight and much of all knowledge the priest knew. Those were just my thoughts for why the captain died was not shown clearly on the film.

And after the movie ended, I was able to give a justification why it was made into a movie.

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Another secret revealed is that Albert wasnt really the son of Mondego, it was Dantes son. And why people tried to made it as a movie. This means he sides with Napoleon Bonaparte and is committing treason against his own king.

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The sad part happened, when they are near to the outside world by digging the tunnel, the soil fell off and the priest were covered by the stones and stones which made him die.

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Difference between el filibusterismo and count of Monte cristo?