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But this is not due to Islam's regulations. It is written in Sura II: "Baqara" —"The Heifer" verse : "A divorce is only permissible twice: after that the parties should either hold together in equity or separate in kindness. Nor have the women the power in such a situation to make use of their legal rights and to take the men to court for the violence and tyranny of their behavior. And for our theologians only solution of all problems is to be regular with our prayers and we are doomed today, not because of our ignorance and refusal to understand modern world but because we have neglected five time prayers. And to be firm and patient, in pain or suffering and adversity, And throughout all periods of panic. People are engaged more in competing for consumer goods that any moral and qualitative change in society. Like any other institution, the family and its home needs a responsible head. The Prophet set an example for the treatment of women in marriage through his relationship with his first wife Khadijah. An agonizing reappraisal was forced upon these idealists after 14 years of tragic experience: and in they were compelled to revoke Prohibition. Their souls like the souls of men were precious to Allah. In Therapy. All great philosophers and scientists that Islamic world produced like Ibn Sina Avisina or Ibn Rushd Averos and several others were also theologians in their own right. In modern times we cannot boast of single revolutionary invention.

We should not only accept pluralism but actively promote it through dialogue and mutual understanding and harmonious co-existence. Therefore, the political awareness of Islam is not only an awareness of the structural aspect of the social life, but it also is a profound political awareness which stems from an entirely complete outlook towards life, the cosmos, sociology, politics, economics and ethics.

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The way to get that is, of course, confined to life's vein: wealth, which opens the door to man to achieve all of his purposes and desires. Notwithstanding the estimates, the number of Uighur Muslims being arrested, uprooted from their families and lives, and imprisoned in concentration camps - for no other reason than being Uighur and Muslim - is rising with each passing day. Gilbert M. J Muslim Ment Health. In the book "Man la yandhur" p. And this is precisely what it has been doing behind a curtain of global ignorance for years and, even after the UN lifted that curtain for the whole world to see in August, it has carried forward without pause. Professional School Counseling.

Three months have passed since the UN broke the news of China's network of concentration camps and the ancillary programmes designed to purge Islam and destroy the Uighur people who cling so tightly to it.

Mouth—anal contact is the reason for the relatively high incidence of diseases caused by bowel pathogens in male homosexuals.

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New York: Oxford University Press; No human legislation can hope to track down every wrongdoer and transgressor, let alone exact from each his condign punishment.

They are human, and their human needs must be met. Recently, it is recommended that praying can be used as an alternative therapy as successfully as meditation, exercise, or herbal treatments.

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Jafari MF. Should not that same Islam which once rescued woman from degrading depression, now raise her again by instituting a new -society?

In other words, religion unites the instinctive criteria of working and living; that is, egoism, and the criterion which ought to be the basis for working and living, in order to guarantee for mankind happiness, prosperity and justice.

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Islam and contemporary issues