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Copying a proof of work there is a tough road. Everyone has more of an understanding of how the game works so the competition is stiffer.

Facebook, with its explicit attachment to the real world graph and its enforcement of a single public identity, is just a poor structural fit for the more complex social capital requirements of the young.

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A brief aside here on why this tends to hold. They have soul because nature does — for all that, these days, we struggle to feel it and are quite inclined to disbelieve it. If people want to maximize social capital, why not make that as easy as possible? Proof of work should define its own meritocracy. Language arose when humans engaged with life not to survive but to participate in the great rush of it The Romantic school rejects these explanations as fudges. But overall, it probably looks something like what the American sociologist Robert Bellah in Religion in Human Evolution called the offline theory. There are many reasons, including having to worry about raising children and other such adult responsibilities and just plain old decay in neural malleability. The creation of a successful status game is so mysterious that it often smacks of alchemy. Too well. What is the one fundamental scarcity in the age of abundance?

They help me to reach people I already know, but they don't introduce me to too many new people, and they aren't really status games with likes and follows. Presumably, this happened as the intelligence of early hominids, maybe only Homo sapiens, allowed for music and ritual to evolve into stories and myths, perhaps in a push to explore the wind-spirit that fills all things.

Social media may not be literally real-time in its feedback, but it's close enough, and the scope of reach is magnitudes of order beyond that of any social performance arena in history.

Distribution is king, even when, or especially when it allocates social capital.

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It showed. He became interested in the behaviour of female Argus pheasants, which seem to choose a mate by male display. These days, Foursquare is trying to become more of a utility, with information on places around you, rather than just a quirky distributed social capital game. Just seeing some of those old but familiar avatars makes me sentimental, perhaps like how early Burning Man devotees think back on its early years, before the moneyed class came in and ruined that utopia of drugs, nudity, and art. When modeling how successful social networks create a status game worth playing, a useful metaphor is one of the trendiest technologies: cryptocurrency. It's likely a leading metric that governs retention or churn. At last check that plan had been shelved.

It almost seems comical in hindsight, that we'd impose such a heavy UI burden on social media users. The reason that matching the basic proof of work hurdle of an Status as a Service incumbent fails is that it generally duplicates the status game that already exists.

But in truth, language sprang from an involvement with life. What is the one fundamental scarcity in the age of abundance?

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It worked well.

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How to Use the Say Command in Minecraft