The special treatment on college athletes

So a few weeks ago, when he walked in late, the professor came to his side right away. Reiss sees the same type of thing with celebrities and those in the public eye.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in one of my Communication classes. According to a quote taken from his opening statement, he said, ''We may not make a university student out of him, but if we can teach him to read and write, maybe he can work at the post office rather than as a garbage man when he gets through with his athletic career. But is this really something that is made directly unfair or is it more of just something that is annoying about the way the economy works? Since a majority of our assignments are submitted online for this course, it is easy to do the assignments at home. They may never have to face responsibility for what they do. Some college or professional sports star is involved in yet another scandal, and it often appears the athlete has received preferential treatment. Yet, fans forget these athletes are also students. With scholarship and financial aid opportunities dwindling, they also wonder could they actually pay for their education.

The better you play or the more well-known you become, you get both exploited and protected. This question cannot be answered very simply.

Athletes often get better treatment then non-athlete students.

student athletes should not be given preferential treatment in admissions

We all attend classes every day. Works Cited:.

Although a student athlete may be featured on ESPN for a big play they made over the weekend, it is often overlooked within the classroom. In addition to the issues of finances, there is a question of fairness. Student athletes receiving special treatment from educational institutions has been an issue for well over 30 years. Loh, late last year announced that eight varsity programs would be cut in order to produce a leaner athletic budget, a kindly way of saying that the school would rather save struggling football and basketball programs than keep varsity sports such as track and swimming, in which the vast majority of participants graduate. Yet, throughout all of this we can look up their on the field statistics, but what about their off the field statistics from their classes? ESPN Most high school students in their academic career think at least once about college and whether all that money and debt is worth it in the end. At Indianapolis, a former St.

John's basketball coach has found a way to help athletes balance class work with the hectic team schedule. With scholarship and financial aid opportunities dwindling, they also wonder could they actually pay for their education.

There are two main results to young athletes receiving preferential treatment. To say that the cause for this is strictly due to lucky treatment of athletes is hard to support, but there is definitely truth in saying that athletes are helped in their process through college; for example, they are often given priority scheduling allowing for easier time schedules and easier classes to be taken, and they are often given special tutoring as mentioned previously.

Does that mean you should, though?

the culture of preferential treatment among athletes
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