The whitlam government

Lang replied that he would not resign, and Game dismissed his government and commissioned the Leader of the Opposition, Bertram Stevensto form a caretaker government pending a new election, in which Labor was defeated.

Whitlam's former solicitor-general Bob Ellicottnow a Liberal member of the House, issued a legal opinion on 16 October stating that the Governor-General had the power to dismiss Whitlam, and should do so forthwith if Whitlam could not state how he would obtain supply.

The whitlam government

The dismissal Whitlam decided against calling another double dissolution, and from October to November the parliament was in its worst political deadlock. In Kerr's private papers from September , a month before the dismissal, Kerr had informed Prince Charles that he was considering dismissing Whitlam, and was concerned that his commission might be revoked by Whitlam to prevent it. I'm reasonably confident myself that she thought it could have been handled better. According to political historian Brian Carroll, the Whitlam government chose in its —4 budget to "put major emphasis on the Party's social objectives rather than on moderating the obvious expansionary trends in the economy" and the budget substantially increased direct government spending and increased redistribution of income through welfare. Some, such as health, housing, education and regional development, had been the preserve of the states but now became part of federal policy-making. In November, the Prime Minister unveiled a plaque launching the construction of a national gallery in Canberra. The Land Councils had no specific power to investigate and report on the land requirements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He resigned from parliament in July With a half-Senate election due by midyear, Whitlam looked for ways to shore up support in that body. Whitlam also secured legislation to address Kerr's financial concerns about the position, including authorising a pension for the Governor-General or his widow. They could scarcely believe what had happened. By the time the Speaker was admitted to convey the House's message to the Governor-General, it was too late. The Coalition governed continuously for a further 23 years. His biographer, Philip Ayres, contends that, had there been no further government scandals, he would not have done so.

By specifying the purpose of financial grants to the states, the government financed a national highway system and a standard-gauge railway line linking Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and Alice Springs. He was a true friend of the Yolngu people Galarrwuy Yunupingu Vouchers were to be issued to Commonwealth employees and contractors instead of cheques, to be redeemed from banks after the crisis ended—transactions which were to be rejected by major banks as "tainted with illegality".

But events were moving more quickly in the Senate, where the Budget bills were reintroduced. Inthe White House sent as ambassador to Australia Marshall Greenwho was known as "the coupmaster" for his central role in the coup against Indonesian President Sukarno.

It was a period of great productivity and collegiality and evidenced a remarkable relationship between Whitlam and his deputy Hocking22— News of the dismissal was spreading, but Labor's Senate leaders had received no instructions from Whitlam's office.

Whitlam made it clear that Aboriginal Affairs would be a priority of his government with the establishment of the first separate Ministry for Aboriginal Affairs, under its inaugural Minister, Gordon Bryant.

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Word of this change did not reach the Prime Minister. With five Queensland seats at stake in the half-Senate election, the ALP would probably win only two, but if six were at stake, the party would most likely win three.

Whitlam government timeline

He did not have to use the paper; Menzies stated that he found the tactic distasteful, but in this case necessary. The Coalition governed continuously for a further 23 years. Kerr signed the proclamation dissolving Parliament, and sent his Official Secretary , David Smith , to proclaim the dissolution from the front steps of Parliament House. No provision was made for increasing the rate of mining royalties after the commencement of the Act. But despite the differences, the intent remained — to demonstrate clearly who held the confidence of the House. Indonesia invaded East Timor in December , and occupied it until the vote for independence. He should have realised that, whatever his fears, there was no justification for any other behaviour. In this memo he sets out his recollections of the day. He just keeps catching barramundi Yunupingu They still had the numbers to demonstrate their legitimacy, to show that they were the only party with the confidence of the House. Both of these most significant Bills in the history of human rights in Australia faced fierce resistance from the coalition in Opposition and lapsed with the double dissolution election of May The Governor-General had been considering how he might use the powers granted to him under the Constitution to end the crippling deadlock. Labor was returned with

Whitlam was dismissive [66] and after the meeting broke, telephoned Kerr to tell him that he needed an appointment to advise him to hold a half-Senate election. No compromise could be reached.

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Whitlam Government