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Individualistic Learning 3. Shakargarh, the headquarters of Shakargarh Tehsil, is a city in the north-east of Pakistan in Narowal District of Punjab province.

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Thus there are two streams of students entering from the schools into our higher education institutions: a. Rohani defines media as everything that can be used to send or distribute in communication process.

Arsyad states that media is graphic, photographic or electronic instrument for catching, processing, rearranging visual or verbal information.

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English is still regarded as a symbol of Western culture in Pakistan and the people seems to be in a fear of being alienated in their society. Second language learning and language teaching. Chapter 2 reviews literature on vocabulary learning and vocabulary learning strategies, and motivation. English Teaching Professional, Issue23, This study is one of the trials to meet this challenge. It also leads them to make interaction in the societyby using language since speaking is one of important skils that should be mastered bybthe students in learning foreign language. To be the students of the school, students have to pass an entrance examination according to their major. One of the reasons is that condition will make students understand the dialogue easier which it is one of basic competence that must be mastered by the students at class VIII of Junior High School. Vocabulary and Vocabulary learning strategies 2. For Teachers 1. Data Collection Techniques and Instruments F.

From the explanation of comic above, it can be concluded that comics are media that consisted of pictures. Many readers like the performance. Also, a teacher should help them get broader information and knowledge from the comic. TL refers to target language, i.

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