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She spoke in long sentences, but crumbled if a sticker ripped. When we survey them, it turns out they know a lot! You get a minute to tell a story — anything at all — inspired by the word you land on. Did you participate in the clinic or the workshop model of Intensive Early Intervention? Additionally, maintaining eye contact continues to be problematic. They take time to answer all of my questions, and I love to watch them interact with my children. He became increasingly withdrawn and lost normal eye contact. Now much of what he says is understood by other children and adults. We had a hard time talking about Zee seriously, especially in these environments. At this point, Cody is blending in with typical children and the need to prompt reciprocal conversation is decreasing. Then, explain why this school is a good fit. Using a structured assessment tool such as the MotC helps achieve greater consistency and depth of analysis in family assessment The link between the MotC classificatory process, and the theory and research around relationships it is based upon, offers a lens for making sense of other information and observations, and using it to inform intervention.

How many children do you have enrolled in the ECE program? How intrusive is this method on your time and family? At this time, Cody has become a true part of the class.

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What strategies can we implement to change this? For us, the fact that IEI was a very powerful therapy method became quickly apparent.

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Are there any negatives about this method that families need to consider before choosing this approach? While he is getting therapy, I actually get a break from feeling the need to do everything myself.

The decisions parents make on whether they read to their kids need not be different to any other decision to something not related to kids.

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Jon is British.

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Parent Interview: Watching My Children Learn and Grow