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Here are my five life lessons or the 5 things I learned from my trekking experiences — 1. It was cold, but manageable.

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He immediately responded saying that December last week a small group will go for Annapurna Foothills Trekking which is suitable for a first time trekker. After 2 hours of climbing you can see the actual target. However I took photographs and few of them I would definitely like to share with you all. But now its time to go on boundaries of Mumbai It is the best way to explore the newer you. Soon after, we again ordered for another cup of hot ginger tea with omelet. I was lost looking at the beauty of the Himalayas — there is something in you that makes my heart beat fast, hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life. We all were standing almost in front of all the Himalayan peaks, it was whitish but not purely white and then suddenly it started changing its color from whitish to light pink. I believe that just like in the mountains, there are peaks and gorges in our personal lives as well, which we need to climb or come out of.

This went on for a while. I even started thinking how will I get rescued from this dense forest.

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Though I was not lost and I was actually following the right trail, however during that point, the fear of being lost into the woods was upsetting. I never actually felt or realized the need for it until I started trekking. It was a special day for me because for the first time I saw a waterfall. Two of them had done trekking before and had no problem in climbing but the rest of us were heavily panting and desperately needed rest. Karnala Fort- Karnala fort is situated in Raigad district at the base of karnala bird sanctury ,nearly 10 km away from Panvel city on Mumbai-goa highway. One more sharp contrast I noticed that there were neither birds in surroundings nor any wildlife. On 26th December we were supposed to trek to a large village of Ghandrung which was entirely visible directly across the valley from Landrung. We saw two people dove on the waters to get near the waterfall. When cold air touched my cheeks I smelled the freshness of the air. My voice was lost amongst the shrill sound of winds passing through the woods. We booked train tickets of Indrayani express after lot of discussion whether that train halts at Khandala station or not.

I realized that in life you should do something for your own happiness and pleasure. For some time I climbed without help, till at one point I had to cross a five feet boulder in front of me with water gushing at a high speed.

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I am eagerly awaiting fir next trek and I hope to reduce my weight by nearly 10 kgs so that I have a lighter body to climb mountains and also some sort of training to climb more difficult paths. We saw two people dove on the waters to get near the waterfall. Trekking makes you ponder over how many people and things came together to make your success possible.

The Gyan Here are few thoughts and observations that were running in my mind when I was trekking.

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My Trek Experiences From A Decade Of Trekking