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We use all of the [PLAY] strategies given to us and it makes it easier to play with him. He feels his students sometimes don't value the importance of writing and the role it will play in their futures.

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You need to convey as much information as possible using minimal words. Through this course already it's taught me that writing is something that's ambiguous and it's something that's open-ended that allows us each to define it in our own way. Be Careful of Clutter! We feel so grateful to have a consultant that was in our corner helping to guide us, answer our questions, and help us see things from a different perspective.

Your Home Consultant will videotape a or minute segment of you playing with your child. The PLAY Project is delivered by parents, using their relationship and knowledge of their child to promote engagement. It helped us to become a stronger family.

Learn How to PLAY After the completion of the assessments, you will be asked to play with your child as you usually do. To see more, visit

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