Write a romantic scene

Write a romantic scene

The heroine in Christina Dodd's "A Well Pleasured Lady" has been living in disguise for years and is holding a part of herself back from the world. So why was I disappointed with the romance I bought, but not with the fantasy? Pick me up in your arms and take me to your cave. Because in the first, I fully expected a good, solid romance that was equally balanced with a good, solid plot. Each characteristic, quirk or little act builds on what's happening in the story and makes it more powerful. If you're writing for someone else, you're not writing what's in your heart I've never seen this go-where-I'm-inspired, chaotic way of writing work effectively for any author.

Later, when he truly realizes what he has done to her, this self-discovery helps change him from amoral lord to human being. You can apply these sensations to any genre of romance. The key to writing a great love scene is to not get mired in either the emotional aspect or the physical for too long.

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Go too subtle and your reader might not understand that two characters have fallen in love; too obvious, and it gets theatrical and begins to feel inauthentic.

But go back and read it a second time with foreknowledge of their eventual relationship, and the subtext is clear—and remains clear for the hundreds of thousands of words that Rowling spins about the two, despite the conspicuously minimal appearance of the phrase I love you.

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Incorporate the background into the love scenes. Both the hero and the heroine are extremely raw, violently emotional and, occasionally, vocally rough people, so their love scenes had to fit their personalities.

One of the biggest story challenges is to convey a deep emotional relationship between characters without resorting to the clumsy and the obvious.

When a hero and heroine finally come together for a kiss, an intimate touch or lovemaking, the reader has to be exulted, panting for consummation, ready to claw tooth and nail to see that these two characters have a clear path to the bedroom and aren't interrupted while there!

The moral of this story: Respect your readers for the time and money they invest in your book. I've been stopped many times while reading love scenes by words and phrases like: "his manhood bobbed up and down like a flagpole", "his rod of pleasure", "her honey pot" or "they soared on the wings of love and exploded into infinity.

When he spun back, a bolt of exhilarated fear went through her.

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How to Write a Romantic Scene: 13 Steps (with Pictures)