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It's offered to the Sun God during prayers, and later served for lunch. Young girls cooking rice in an earthen pot on Pongal. Nevertheless, Basaka accidently proclaimed that Lord Shiva wanted all human beings to eat on a daily basis and to have an oil bath once a month.

New thoughts should be embraced and the old ones should be let go. Out of the four days Thai Pongal carries major significance which would be on 16th January.

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A harvest in January though? Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Tamils regard cattle as sources of wealth for providing dairy products, fertilizer, and labor for plowing and transportation. Homage is paid to Lord Indra for the abundance of harvest, thereby bringing plenty and prosperity to the land. The cows are adorned with bells and flowers around their neck. The people assemble at dawn in Tamil Nadu to light a bonfire in order to burn the discards. The importance of bonfire is that it is made of agricultural wastage and useless household woods. The Second Day On the second day of Pongal, the puja or act of ceremonial worship is performed when rice is boiled in milk outdoors in an earthenware pot and is then symbolically offered to the sun-god along with other oblations. It is observed intrinsically in the month of Thai, i. Significance: The period is referred to as Uttarayan Punyakalam which bears special significance in Hindu mythology and is considered to extremely auspicious. The main item- rice is put merely in the centre of the turmeric leaf.

Another ritual observed on this day is Bhogi Mantalu, when useless household articles are thrown into a fire made of wood and cow-dung cakes. The next day is called Perum or Surya Pongal. In addition to cleaning their homes on the first day of the festival, people undertake a special ritual to honor Indra the rain god for providing enough rain for a prosperous harvest.

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As per the famous tale of Lord Shiva, it is believed that Nandi, the ox, was sent by his owner Lord Shiva to tell people to take an oil bath everyday and eat just one time in a month. He also conveyed to tell those mortals to bath daily, have an oil massage and also to eat once a month or so.

The third day is the Mattu Pongal when bulls and cows are bathed and their horns painted and the cattle worshipped as they play an important role in farms.

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This marks the end of the harvest festival celebration in Tamil Nadu. The harvest festival is celebrated over four days with each day having a different ritual. Popular attractions on the third and fourth day of Pongal are bull fights and bird fights, particularly Jallikattu in Madurai. Hence, the association of this day to cattle. After rice is cooked; it is offered to Lord Sun along with sticks of sugarcane, coconuts, and bananas. Likewise, just as we got over Lohri, Pongal has arrived. There is a cheer in the atmosphere and villagers also organize cattle races on this day. The First Day This first day is celebrated as Bhogi festival in honor of Lord Indra, the supreme ruler of clouds that give rains. At the same time other participants blow a conch called the sanggu and shout "Pongalo Pongal! Have something to add to this story? On grounds of it, the cows and bulls are revered on this day.

People do not eat non-vegetarian dishes during the first three days of the festival, saving them for the day of Mukkanuma.

The cattle are worshipped because it helps in getting better harvest. Popular attractions on the third and fourth day of Pongal are bull fights and bird fights, particularly Jallikattu in Madurai. This harvest festival is traditionally celebrated for four continuous days.

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Multi-colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flower garlands are tied around the neck of the cattle and they are worshiped. The resounding of bells and beautifully makeup cows make the entire atmosphere festive and full of fun. Shikakai apply kungumam kumkum to their foreheads, paint their horns, and feed them a mixture of venn pongal, jaggery, honey, banana and other fruits. However, there's been a great push to outlaw such activities in recent years. Main article: Pongal dish Steaming rice for Pongal Besides rice and milk the ingredients of this sweet dish include cardamom , raisins , Green gram split , and cashew nuts. A common feature of the puja, in addition to the offerings, is the kolam, the auspicious design which is traditionally traced in white lime powder before the house in the early morning after bathing. People exchanged greetings and Chakarai Pongal with their neighbours.
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Types of Pongal Festival: 4 days of Pongal Celebration